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Aspiring animator studying in Leeds.
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Lion King’s Character Design by Walt Disney Animation Studios


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Rough Animation from Mulan by Tom Bancroft

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Sungseok Ahn’s series entitled “Historic Present”

South Korean artist Sungseok Ahn’s series entitled “Historic Present” questions the memory of past from the fast changing scenery of today. By overlapping a historical location with an old image of that exact place, he questions the way we treat our history and explores the dynamics between space and time at the same time.

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hayao miyazaki’s concept art for pippi longstocking


The more i see of it online, the more filled with envy i am. 


The more i see of it online, the more filled with envy i am. 

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This is actually a fantastic part of the movie because Pixar is giving the viewers a gentle reminder of what real life is like. Accidents happen, even to good people, and you can’t make it a tragedy if you have to dip into your savings to repair the damage. You just have to keep moving forward, work hard, and hope for the best. 

What I like about these scene is every time they gotta break the Jar, they don’t seem spiteful, angry or depressed. They do what they must and you can see the love still so strong in their eyes.


Meet the cast of Big Hero 6!  4 more weeks of animation production , we can see the finish line!

Also, if you are at the San Diego Comic Con , there’s this:

The Art of Big Hero Six
2:00pm – 3:00pm, Room 7AB
Walt Disney Animation Studios presents director Don Hall, producer Roy Conli, production designers Paul Felix, Scott Watanabe, and character designers Shiyoon Kim and Jin Kim.

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